How it Works

The Method Behind The Madness!

STEP1 Pick A Package

Choose the package that best suits your needs or call us today and let us guide you!

STEP2 Pricing Your Home to Sell

Your home can be your greatest asset, so when it comes to selling your home, deciding on a number to put on that value can be complicated. It is our job as your trusted agent, and as real estate experts, to help you price your home appropriately to maximize your exposure and return.

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STEP3 Preparing For Launch – The Down and Dirty

Preparing your home to go on the market is one of the most important steps when selling your home—the required documents, staging, photography, marketing, scheduling, etc. We have the expertise and tools to guide and assist you through it all!

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STEP4 Going Live

Now that the hard part is over and done with, you are now ready to go live or “active” in MLS! Homebuyers across the city, state, and country can now see your home is for sale. The excitement begins when you start receiving notifications from ShowingTime that agents and their buyers want to see your home!

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STEP5 The Nutty Process

You got an offer! Congratulations! Now what?

Accept the offer or create a counteroffer—the option period, negotiations, appraisal, document management, legal disclosures, and responses. It can get Nutty! Choose the package that best fits your needs to get you through it all!

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STEP6 Contract to Close – The Finish Line

The Listing Squirrel gets you to the closing table with our preferred Title Company, Independence Title. With their in-house attorneys, local title examination department, and cutting-edge information resources, the contract to close process is with a team of escrow professionals that are some of the best and most experienced in the state!

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STEP7 Pop The Champagne, It's Time To Celebrate

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