Our Story

The Listing Squirrel started from an idea that grew from the mind of Colleen Cline. You can say she is a bit of a “Squirrel” herself. It was a nickname bestowed upon her due to her playful enthusiasm for success, happiness, creativity, determination, and encouragement.

Colleen has immersed herself in the relocation industry since 2001. And from the beginning, she watched her clients stress and worry through the process of relocating, especially when it comes to selling or buying a home. Most realtors love to tell homeowners to spend money here, there, and everywhere to help make the sale more attractive, enticing and ultimately just “easier to sell!”. Her question was always, “easier for who?” The buyer’s side of the business isn’t any better. Most agents never even contemplate the stressors that come into moving, coordinating, and looking at the process as a whole for their clients. It was frustrating to watch and guide her clients from just the moving side of things. She knew she had to do more. Little did she know it would lead to something much bigger.

First, she obtained her Real Estate License in 2008 and made it a priority to educate herself and understand the entire process. Putting her crafty “squirrel” intellect into practice, she has learned, adapted and even launched her own real estate career.

After so many years, and with enough experience under her belt, she decided to take her career as an agent to the next level by obtaining her Real Estate Broker’s License in 2020. Balancing a career in both real estate & relocation, she has maintained and prided herself in adhering to the highest professional standards and procedures in both industries.

Colleen’s vast knowledge and experience in the relocation industry gave her special insight into solving the issues her clients experienced. The moving industry provides options to save money while still being able to choose a wonderful moving company that cares for the client’s belongings, all while maintaining exceptional customer service! So,


With that simple question in mind, Colleen set out on a mission to change the landscape of the real estate industry and provide a superior alternative. The Listing Squirrel was then launched into existence to give people all the options without any compromise!

The Listing Squirrel is not your average real estate company. We offer packages that fit the unique needs, requirements and budgets of our clients, allowing them to save time, money and the headache.

Here at The Listing Squirrel, we make buying or selling your home less nuts!